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Short Attention a new Mexican Record Label appears for the first time in the vinyl world, with a solid release in charge of Chicagodeep Co-owner of Perpetual Rhythms a respected Record label from Chicago Illinois, putting Mexico in the radar of underground music. Chicagodeep brings us 4 high quality tracks, Side A kicks things off with the electric synths and solid base of “Flying Waltz” followed by the deep pads and a very powerful piano from “Control Substance”. Side B show us a very powerfull drums and a growing sick base inside the track of “Sofia’s Rage” that is maybe the crown jewel. To finish we have “11th Chamber” a classic deep space vibe, where intergalactic chords and bubbly electronics gets equal. All four tracks are top notch.



Flying Waltz EP BY Chicagodeep

Productcode: S.A. 001
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