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Fresh off the critically acclaimed re-release of the Circular Motion classic BlakMuzic EP on limited edition colored vinyl.  Anthony & his signature Circular Motion imprint come with a hefty portion of Boogie-inspired and JazzFunk inflected dancefloor burner.  The juxtaposition of fat punchy basslines accentuated by the rolling and melodic chord structure creates a sublime undercurrent of complexity.  “Just Do It” is reminiscent of a bygone era when R&B was a swinging and danceable. element of Club Music.  One might find intricate parallels to Leroy Burgess & Patrick Adams listening to this tuneage.   We feel ”Just Do It” reprises the delite one would feel on the dance floor of the Paradise Garage listening to this tune.



Just Do It BY Anthony Nicholson feat. Imani

Productcode: CM-60V
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