Dedicated to his teacher

Seis Estudios Para Guitarra - 12 Inch Vinyl


€12.99 Eur


Recent discovery and inspiration is the Bolivian musician and painter Alfredo Dominguez, his sincere compositions are definitely influencing Susobrino’s guitar plays and motivates him to proceed writing classica land traditional guitar pieces.

Released December 20, 2019 

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Their search for connection

Ão - 12 Inch Vinyl & CD


€15 Eur - 10 Eur


The eight-track debut is a soothing, yet fascinating story about their search for connection, intimacy and the absurdity of life. With their combination of English and Portuguese lyrics as a critical element, and additional elements of contemporary pop and electronica, they have created a fresh and diverse range of sounds.

Released October 23, 2020 

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Without any boundaries

Flowers - 12 Inch Vinyl

Soft Focus

€18 Eur


While listening to this album you get carried away by the amount of musical knowledge which gives you a true understanding of what Soft Focus means. His unique approach to music shows another side of himself. Soft focus is a project without any boundaries, stress-related situation or technical difficulties where improvisation is key. 

Released June 26, 2020 

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... Will bloom once more

AliA & DTM Funk Presents VA - 12 Inch Vinyl

Black Gravity Rhythms

€18 Eur 


In each new volume of the series, DTM Funk will collaborate with another befriended DJ, assembling a varied collection of productions representing the sound of the guest selector. For the first edition, we look to ​AliA​, probably Belgium's most skilled sound digger of her generation. Still only 21-year-old, she is known for her eclectic style, impeccable skills and versatile selection that ranges from broken beats to bossa nova and from alternative techno to off-beat belters. 

Release April 01, 2020 

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